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2009 Sybil Ludington Women's Freedom Award Winner

NRA Honors Linda Walker of Alexandria, Ohio.

The National Rifle Association has selected Linda Walker of Alexandria, Ohio, to receive the 2009 Sybil Ludington Women's Freedom Award. This award recognizes exceptional accomplishments of modern heroines through their legislative activism as well as advocacy, volunteerism, and education of others to the goals of the Second Amendment and the NRA.

A positive presence in the Ohio Statehouse, Walker contributes greatly to legislative work and was instrumental in the passage of SB 184, Ohio's Castle Doctrine, referred to "as one of the most sweeping firearm reform bills in the United States." Her work on the leadership team of Buckeye Firearms Association has helped make it one of the foremost grassroots organizations for the Second Amendment in America.

"The National Rifle Association relies on the dedication and determination of patriots like Linda Walker," NRA Executive Director Kayne Robinson said. "Whether Linda is acting within her role as an NRA Certified Instructor or as Election Volunteer Coordinator in the great state of Ohio, she is spreading her passion and expertise, and everyone who values the Second Amendment owes her their gratitude."

As an NRA Certified Instructor in multiple disciplines, Linda has instructed hundreds of students in Ohio concealed carry over the past three years. She holds a regular schedule of classes, meeting the education requirement to apply for an Ohio concealed handgun license.

Linda has a very strong presence in her community and state and helps organize events where she passes her wealth of knowledge of firearms to a wide range of groups including children, women and politicians. Linda has worked diligently assisting local Boy Scout and Cub Scout troops, recruiting parents, churches and businesses alike to help with the scouting programs. She's also a strong advocate in firearm legislation and a teacher of the next generation of safe firearm owners. She is an invaluable asset not only to her state, but the Second Amendment itself. Linda also serves as NRA's Election Volunteer Coordinator for the 12th Congressional District for the state of Ohio.

Commenting on her selection, Walker said, "I have spent several years working on Second Amendment rights, building relationships with the Legislature, working hand in hand with the NRA and educating both youth and adults in shooting sports and concealed carry. To be recognized for my efforts by the NRA is very humbling and feels wonderful. I look forward to continuing the message that our Second Amendment rights are sacred! Without the Second, we would not have our other Constitutional rights."

Walker added, "It is with great honor I accept the prestigious Sybil Ludington Women's Freedom Award. I have large shoes to fill by the American Patriots who precede me in earning this award."

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