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2007 Marion P. Hammer Women Of Distinction Award Winner

NRA honors Kate Ferraro-Creigh of Cypress, Texas

The National Rifle Association has selected Kate Ferraro-Creigh of Cypress, Texas, to receive the 2007 Marion P. Hammer Woman of Distinction Award. This award recognizes exceptional contributions to the preservation of the Second Amendment and the shooting sports through education, advocacy, volunteerism, and legislative activism in support of the goals of the NRA.

Ferraro-Creigh uses her position as a classroom teacher in Houston, Texas, to teach young people about gun safety and Second Amendment rights. A champion of women's interests in the shooting sports, she has penned articles for such national publications asWomen's Outlook,Women & Guns,SHOOT, andCowboy Chronicle. She also served on the Texas Historical Shooting Society Cowboy Action Shooting Club Board of Directors for four years, and she is involved with the Single Action Shooting Society, which was founded by her husband, Harper.

Ferraro-Creigh's vigorous support of the shooting sports has added countless youngsters and women to the ranks of hunters and shooters through the years. An accomplished hunter and competitive shooter, she also holds many titles in her shooting sport of choice, Cowboy Action Shooting.

"Winning this award is humbling, as well as invigorating," said Ferraro-Creigh. "I use my classroom as a bully pulpit to teach my students about gun safety, and to negate the idea that guns, in and of themselves, are dangerous. This award affirms my belief in the joy of gun ownership and our Second Amendment rights."

Ferraro-Creigh added that, "The NRA has done more for the recognition of women shooters through its programs than any other organization. The money and support provided by NRA to women and junior programs have encouraged and empowered women and teens to be responsible gun owners and active participants in the shooting sports."

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